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Lee Rentz has approximately 31,000 high quality photographs taken of many natural history subjects in many areas of the country. As we update the web page in the future, we will have a complete list of his best coverage. For now, the general descriptions below will have to suffice.

NATURAL HISTORY Artistic intimate landscapes and patterns in nature. Ecosystem approach includes landscapes plus birds, mammals, plants, reptiles, amphibians, weather and invertebrates. Extensive wildflower files.

SPECIALTIES Americana: rural landscapes, ghost towns, vanishing and vernacular architecture in color and B/W. Movement in nature: waves, mammals running, birds in flight. Abstractions in nature. Forests, prairies and wetlands in extraordinary light. Bird and mammal behavior and portraits. National parks and wildlife refuges of U.S.

GEOGRAPHIC AREAS Extensive work in Pacific Northwest: Alaska, Oregon, Washington. Lives and photographs on Olympic Peninsula. Also California deserts, Colorado Plateau, Great Plains, Michigan, upstate New York. Newfoundland.

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