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1946 Dodge

A bright spot on a dreary day (Cardinal)

A metaphysical view of water lilies

A night to remember (Mt. Adams)

A window on Antarctica (penguins)

After an autumn rain

American spirits

American roots

Arctic spirit 1 (Snowy owl)

Arctic spirit 2 (Snowy owl)

Autumn fusion

Autumn impressions

Autumn passion

Autumn rain on water lilies


Blue as a perfect day (Mountain Bluebird)

Blue sky cafe

California poppy

Chaos theory & design

Classic Coca-Cola 1

Classic Coca-Cola 2

Classic Coca-Cola 4

Close encounter with the stars (Devil's Tower)

Cobalt & apricot

Color waves 1: Transitions

Color waves 2: Autumn storm

Color waves 3: Sassafras

Cosmic waves

Cottage by the sea

Country Road, West Virginia

Cremo cigar

Detail of a long unopened door

Door to an abandoned schoolhouse

Dr. Pierce's tonic

Edge of the cosmos

Electric tulips


Flurry of wings

Forever wild


Fragrant White Water Lily

Gas station long abandoned

Gay before gay was cool

Gaze of a predator (Red-tailed Hawk)

Girl in storm

Glacial green

Good ol' boy

Grand Prismatic Spring

Grass widow

Hi there! (penguin)

Homage to Escher

Homage to Hopper

Homage to Monet 1: Space and time

Homage to Monet 2: The fires of autumn

Homage to Monet 3: Floating into the light

Ice chroma 1: Chaos theory & design

Ice sculpture 1: A tribute to Shackleton (iceberg)

Icons of a lost civilization

Indian summer

Indian paintbrush

In memory

Jewel Diner

Land where the beargrass blooms

Last leaves

Late afternoon shadows

Late autumn apples


Marsh melody (Marsh wren)

Memories of an American autumn

Molten gold

Misty sun through white pine needles

Northern red oak

Poet's shooting star

Prairie wolf in falliing snow 3 (coyote)

Prelude 1: The awakening

Prelude 2: The lifting

Purple haze

Radiant tulips

Raindrops on roses

Rhythm of the river

Red bike at a mountain cabin

Red columbine

Red desert (black & white)

Red desert (color)

Red maple 1

Red maple 2

Reflective stone

Resting place

River riffles

Running out of gas in small town America I

Running out of gas in small town America II

Sagebrush violet


Scarlet gilia

Shadow of the past

Snow falling on cedars

Song of the deep south (penguin)

Spirits of the vast prairie

Spirit of the ancient forest

Spring impressions

Spring green meditation

Staving off the darkness

Still waters (Lake Crescent)

Stream of consciousness 1: Zen garden

Stream of consciousness 2: Reflective stone

Stream of consciousness 6: Ecstasy

Stream of consciousness 7: Sun ripples

Stream of consciousness 9: Kool waters

Tangerine tulips

Texaco, years ago

The changing West

The earth laughs in flowers (California poppies)

The enchantment

The spirit lives on (daisies & crosses)

Time passing

Transitions 1: Color waves

Transitions 4: Sweetgum

Transitions 6: Femme fatale

Transitions 7: Jagged black

Tumbling stones 2: Rhyolite and Basalt

Tumbling stones 3: Beyond the matrix

Tumbling stones 4: Granite variations

Tumbling stones 5: A distinctive voice

Tumbling stones 6: Blue stone group

Twilight blues

Twilight fusion

Up in Michigan

Variations on an autumn theme

Vermilion flash (Vermilion flycatcher)

Warm hearts in a cold land (penguins)

Water color 1: Rhythm of the river

Water color 2: Glacial green

Water color 3: Autumn passion

Water color 9: River riffles

Water color 13: Cobalt & apricot

Water color 15: Molten gold

Water color 18: Ripples in still waters

Water color 20: Brilliant splinters

Water color 22: Natural high

Water color 23: Peace River

Water color 24: Going with the flow

Western bluebird 2

When autumn rain starts to fall

When rocks dream (alias "rock bottom" etc.)

White oak

Wild and free with a scent of sage (wild horses)

Wildflower meadow

Wildflower storm

Wind on the water

Windows on the soul

Winged sumac

Would you care to follow me, sir? (penguin)

Yellow bells

Zen garden

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