My quest for perfect autumn leaves
A tree full of brilliant autumn leaves casually dazzles our eyes, but appreciating individual leaves takes a few moments of concentration. As a nature photographer, my task is to deeply concentrate on potential subjects, so I decided to do an intense study of a few leaves.

What I found surprised me, even though I've looked at leaves all my life. After a long season in the sun, withstanding wind, rain, frost, and the hungry jaws of leaf-chewing insects, nearly every leaf looks battered, with notches, holes, ruined tissue, and other evidence of time's ravages. Sometimes the green fades gradually to yellow or red; other times sharply defined patches of color predominate.

Anyway, after looking at thousands of leaves, I have decided that there is no perfect autumn leaf; all have been battered by life (just as we are!)--and that is part of their charm.

Click on one of these small photographs for a larger view and identification. These photographs look great when two or three are hung side by side.
All photographs copyright © 2000 by Lee Rentz
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