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I have been a photographer since college, when I suddenly realized that photography gave me an insight into the world that was unlike anything I had experienced. Ever since–and increasingly–I look at the world as a vast set of still frames. Some have interest. Most don't. But I'm always looking because I don't want to miss anything.

Some feel an urge to travel to the ends of the earth to get great photographs. I don't. There are great photos lurking just under the surface. Anywhere. Any time. Though whenever I have an opportunity to travel, I jump at the chance.

When I go out on a photographic trip, I find that a mind empty of preconceptions is critically important. I don't pour over what other photographers have done in an area, because then my mind starts assembling a structure of what makes a good photograph in a given place and time. That's a good way to copy other people's photographs, but not to create a fresh body of work. I find that a zen state, with the mind quiet and the eyes receptive to natural design, is what allows me to do my best work. Backpacking and other long wilderness trips are especially conducive to this state of mind, because there are fewer digital distractions and there is a constant stimulation of new elements as I journey through the world.

In viewing my photography, please keep in mind the elements I use to construct my work, including ephemeral color, motion, age, mystery, intelligence, humor. Each photograph will have some of these elements, and each goes in some way beyond the surface beauty of a place or object. I find that the best photographs–the ones that invite repeated viewings–are those that go beyond simple beauty and have an element of mystery.

All of my work on this website is for sale. I have divided the site into two sections: Limited Edition Photographic Prints and Stock Photography. The Limited Edition section contains the work that I normally produce as prints, and you can order these directly through the website. The Stock Photography section is a selection of my work that might be appropriate for magazines, books, calendars, and electronic media. If you see anything here that you would like as a print, email me for a quote. 

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