Limited Free Use

My photographs and stories are copyrighted under Federal Law.

That said, you may freely download photographs from my website to use as a background on your computer screen. A child doing a school report, either in print or on a website, may include one or more of the photographs; however, as a lesson in copyright law I do require that below the photograph it states "Photo copyright Lee Rentz," Teachers may make photocopies or inkjet prints of my web pages or adventure stories for classroom use.

I'm trying to make a living through my photography, so theft of my work hurts. Please be considerate.

If you have any questions about limited use, please contact me.

Lee Rentz
888-717-8011 (toll free)

Copyright © 1999 by Lee Rentz. All rights reserved.
Your phone and e-mail messages and inquires are welcome
Phone & fax: 360-427-5310

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