Stones - Stones are shaped by the tremendous geological forces of volcanism, glaciation, and erosion. This is my ongoing exploration of the beautiful results of these forces.

Autumnal - Color vision is among our greatest gifts; and in autumn we can immerse ourselves in some of nature's most intense hues. Photography is autumn is a sublime experience, perhaps because the season makes us so intensely aware of time passing.

Antarctica - Impressions of this icy continent, based upon our 2001 trip.

Watercolors 1 - Photographs of fast-moving rivers, each colored by reflections of trees and sky

Watercolors 2 - More colorful photographs of water, including both rivers and lakes, some with ice

Watercolors 3 - The mirror-like surface of a river bounces astoundingly brilliant color smack back to our eyes - especially in autumn.

Western spirit - The American West remains a land of dreams, where our hearts soar at the sight of mountains and wilderness.

Serenity - There are times when nature exists in a state of grace, when the world seems at peace for a moment. These photographs capture those fleeting times.

Leaves 1 - Like snowflakes, autumn leaves are infinitely variable (though much more colorful!), and are well-adapted to creating photographic collages.

Leaves 2 - My quest for perfect autumn leaves - A tree full of brilliant autumn leaves casually dazzles our eyes, but appreciating individual leaves takes a few moments of concentration.

Black & white 1 - The rural American landscape of the early 20th century is decaying in scattered ghostly buildings, soon to vanish

Black & white 2 - Although I passionately love bright colors, there are times when black and white film is just perfect for the subject

Road Trip 1 - Celebrating the disappearing roadscapes of mid-20th century America. Enjoy the romantic past before it is all replaced by big box stores and fast food chains.

Road Trip 2 - Signs of the past rust away and fade from sight in far-flung corners of the nation, reminding us of the way we used to live.

Road Trip 3 - More signs of the past.

Revelations - Photographs that open new perceptions of the universe.

Impressions - Intimate and ephemeral views of the world unconstrained by the traditional formulas of photography. These are among my best work.

On the wing - Wild birds are among my favorite subjects; I work an immense amount of time in the field to get a few extraordinary photographs.

Wildflowers - Wildflowers were among my first photo subjects many years ago, and I am still a passionate flower photographer. Especially in the desert, wildflowers can bring a subdued landscape to life.

Tulips plus - A series featuring fresh flowers arranged on pastel backgrounds painted by the photographer.

Botany 101 - Celebrating the explosion of plant life, in all its colorful diversity.

Time travel - Some photographs remind us that time is quickly passing; everything we know and love is gradually aging and our time on earth is ephemeral.

Photo index - List of photograph titles, with links to visual display of photograph.

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