Photo credits

Magazine credits include: National Geographic, National Geographic Adventure, Audubon, National Wildlife, Birder's World, Chronicles of Higher Education, Country Extra, Defenders, Ducks Unlimited, Grasduinen, Montana Outdoors, Natural History, Northwest Travel, Northwest Parks & Wildlife, Prevention, Defenders, and Chevron USA Odyssey.

Work published in books: National Geographic Guide to Birdwatching Sites, Western U.S., 1999; National Audubon Society First Field Guide to Weather, 1998; Raptors, by Scott Weidensaul, Lyons & Burford, 1996; and several Audubon guidebooks published by Chanticleer, among others.

Calendar credits include: 1998 Weather Channel, 1996 Weather, 1997 Seattle, 1997 Washington, 1994 Country Magazine, Firefly Books, Impact, Sierra Club, and many others.

Work also published in brochures, CD-ROMs, postcards, encyclopedias, and National Park Service and IMAX theater exhibits.

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